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Livestock is integral to building soil health and to food production, not just as a protein source for humans, but as a nutrient source for crops. We are launching a meat chicken operation to supplement our existing soil health regimine, expand our CSA model, and demonstrate the environmental and economical practicality of a holistic agricultural system.


Raising chickens under woody crops, creates the holistic system we’re aspiring to while increasing animal health and decreasing human labor. The poultry will be fed an organic poultry ration and also be grazed on ground-sprouted whole grains. They will be rotated through permanent paddocks and housed in a permanent coop at night.



Chickens are sold whole or cut up for your convenience. You have the option to choose to have your chickens cut into halves, quarters, or eight pieces. There is an additional $1.00 charge per bird for cutting. You can also choose to keep the giblets (neck, heart, liver, gizzard), which would be packaged with the bird, for an additional 30 cents per bird. You may choose to keep the feet (which make a great bone broth) for an additional 30 cents per bird. The feet come cleaned and packaged separately.



Chickens are vacuum-packed in a heavy plastic shrink wrap for storage up to two years to prevent freezer burn.



Approximately August 15. You will be contacted directly after a processing date has been set.



Chickens will cost $4.00/lb after processing. We estimate the processed chickens will be between 4-6 lbs. As noted above, there are additional costs for added processing options.



A deposit of $10.00 per bird is required with your order form.


Orders Due by May 15, 2019.

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