Happy Dancing Turtle's 
Fall Bingo Scavenger Hunt

Find the items, snap a photo, get a bingo!

We hope this scavenger hunt helps get you and your family into nature this season for some wonderful adventures! Embrace the weather and head outdoors! 
Please fill out the following information to register. There will be a link to the rules and Bingo card in your registration confirmation email. Note: Your address will only be used for mailing prizes! 
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To submit your photos from the scavenger hunt, you can either:
1. Send your photos directly to us by emailing them to info@happydancingturtle.org. We strongly suggest creating a photo album with all your pictures and sending us the link for that album. Please remember to tell us which bingo square your photo is intended for! 
2. Use a free app called Cluster (available for Android and Apple).
Cluster is a simple app that will allow you to upload photos to a shared album and comment on one another's finds! Having trouble finding something that someone else in the group found? Ask them where to look! See something really neat in someone else's photo? Tell them how cool it is! Let's build a community around our nature adventures this season!  
Please note: Happy Dancing Turtle staff will be monitoring the shared album and the comments. Any inappropriate material will be removed. Be aware that if you choose to upload your photos to our private Cluster album, anyone participating in the scavenger hunt using the app will be able to see your photos but not the public. 
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Please read the following terms and agreements for participating in the Bingo Scavenger Hunt: 

I understand that Happy Dancing Turtle will not be liable for any harm, injury, or illness that occurs to participants while taking part in this event.

I understand that Happy Dancing Turtle has the right to use any of the photos I (or my family) submit during this event for social media and marketing materials unless I specifically instruct them not to. We may also credit your name with the photo.

I understand that any photos submitted during this event MUST be taken by me or my family members during the period of September 15th, 2023 to October 15th, 2023. *
Help Support Our Work: Happy Dancing Turtle, a nonprofit passionate about growing good stewards, is excited to continue to offer this and other educational opportunities. We wish to keep prices affordable for all and appreciate your support! 
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