Welcome to ThinkLAX Tournament's 2018 Player Waiver Portal 
IMPORTANT UPDATE (please read):
This is a new form.  Username and password along with an account email must be created for initial logon.
Previous credentials may be re-used. 
Please also note 'player pin' numbers are not required for this form (player pins can be discarded).
A single user account allows for the submission of multiple waivers via the system.
User ID set-up will allow you to save your information and:
i) return later to complete and/or edit details or
ii) complete additional player waivers (if you have more than 1 player waiver to complete)

New User
Returning User

If returning to edit or complete a waiver, click the 'Edit' button after logging-in to update or complete your the waiver.
If returning to add an additional waiver please click the 'Start New' button.
(See screenshot below for reference)