Welcome to ThinkLAX Tournament's 2018 Player Waiver Portal 
If you completed a player waiver for 1 or more of the following tournaments: Impulse Lax Fest 2018, Summer Genesis 2018, Lax Amplified 2018 or Midwestern War Games 2018
Your login credentials and waiver information have been saved and can be re-used via the ‘Returning User Section’ below to complete player waivers for:
National Fall Lax Fest 2018
Please note you will need to 'Edit Exisintg Waiver' and re-confirm (select) your team and player key.  A new waiver signature is also required via the form.
If you are new user or want to create a new login account please complete the ‘New User’ section.

A single user account allows for the submission of multiple waivers via the system.
User ID set-up will allow you to save your information and:
i) Return later to complete and/or edit details or
ii) Complete additional player waivers (if you have more than 1 player waiver to complete)
Please be sure to review the instructions for entering multiple player waivers on the first page of the form to avoid accidental deletions of completed player waivers.

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