This Scholarship is a memorial to our Beloved son Jacob whom we lost in January 2018 due to a tragic motorcycle accident. The Pines Catholic Camp was a big part of Jacob’s life and his conversion. I recently found a journal entry that Jacob wrote on 7-18-2014:

"The staff this summer has completely changed my life in every way shape and form. They’ve taught me to appreciate all of the flaws, big and small….We could always pray more, we could always love more, and we could always show more joy. The wonderful thing about God’s love is that we do not have to be that flawless person we want to be to get to Him… This staff has shown me love, joy, family and a whole lot of mediocre jokes, I would not trade them for the world and I would be happy to call every one of them my brother and sister. Thank you for showing me love, compassion and understanding and I pray that all of you realize what you did for my life."

Last year, we sent seven children to the Pines from donations we received. It is our hope to do this again this summer. We are personally committed to sending one child each summer and we are creating “The Jacob Philp (Weave) Memorial Scholarship” as a way to send more children as well. The students selected will receive a full scholarship to attend The Pines Catholic Camp and $50 for the camp store.  The Pines was very important to Jacob and this is our way to honor something that was important to him.