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Animal Foster Care Program Agreement

In signing this foster care agreement, you are agreeing to follow the rules and procedures established by Friends of the

Shelter Dogs (FOSD) which include:

1. All foster animals are the property of the FOSD and will be returned to the FOSD when requested.

2. Animals in foster care will not be released to any other individual or organization unless directed by a FOSD


3. Foster caregivers will not represent themselves as anything other than a Foster Parent or Volunteer of the

FOSD. Any other representation to any individual group and/or organization will only be made at the consent of the

management of the FOSD.

4. No advertisement, regardless of media, will be placed on behalf of the foster animal and/or the FOSD without

our consent.

5. All decisions as to final disposition of the foster animal will be the sole discretion of an FOSD member.

6. All veterinary services will be pre-approved by your FOSD contact or their designee. Any unauthorized

charges for medical care and services will be the liability of the foster caregiver and may not be reimbursed.

7. Foster caregivers will make every attempt to participate in special events and accompany the animal in order

to facilitate adoption.

8. Foster caregivers will make their best effort to make arrangements with potential adopters to meet their foster

animal at an agreed upon location and time as soon as possible upon request.

9. The Foster Parent will notify us of needs such as food, toys, bedding, crates, etc. Purchases made by you as a

Foster without advance approval by your FOSD contact or designee, may not be reimbursed.

10. The Foster Parent agrees to hold harmless the FOSD, it’s agents and members for any and all damages,

illness, or injury caused due to or directly by the animal in their custody.

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