Fiddleworks Salt Spring Island Registration 2019

Welcome to registration for the 20th Fiddleworks Salt Spring Island Fiddle Camp!
VERY IMPORTANT!! Before you start, please take some time to review the Fiddleworks website for new and important information that will help you with your registration decisions.
This form is quite detailed so please allow yourself some time to complete the whole thing. Full payment by e-transfer, cheque or paypal is required at the end. 
You can register up to 6 people, if you have more than 6 please contact us.
If you are registering full time, 3 classes/day, ignore the code box below and proceed to the next question.

If you are registering part-time, 2 or 1 classes/day, please enter the code: comingtocamp!

If you are an instructor please enter the instructor code.
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