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Please put the name and contact information of the person organizing the performane group. 

Performance Slot

Once we receive your application, we will contact you to set up your performance time. Please note that the Festival is on Sunday, June 21, 2020. Each performance lasts for 45 minutes (set up is 15 minutes prior to the performance time). We plan to have another year where we host 4 stages of entertainment options for this event!
The only stage that will not have full sound is the Lacey & 3rd Avenue Stage. This is specifically for dance and perfromance groups. Sound that will be available is a headphone jack, cd player and one announcement mic. If you need more than this please select a different stage. 
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Compensation Type

Talent Sponsor

*A talent sponsorship is a way to earn promotions in lieu of payment. We take the value of your payment and use it to do special advertising of your performance before the festival. As a Talent Sponsor, this group chooses to invest the money in advertising through us and we do a special push for these performances, including:

■ Incorporation in statewide advertising

■ Highlighted preformer name in all Performance Listings

■ Spotlighted in radio ads as a festival performer

■ Plus endless publicity as we refer others to you!

Standard Option

Soloists are paid $75, Groups are paid $150. All payments will be mailed on Tuesday, June 23. Checks will not be available for pick up at the 2020 event. 

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Payment Method

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Performance Contract

1 Cancellation policy

Because the Festival incurs and pays for the advertising and administrative costs in advance, cancellations within one (1) week of the performance date will require the Performer to pay a cancellation fee of $75.00 to DAFCS unless the Performer can, at its own discretion, find an alternative performer of equal standard to participate for and on its’ behalf. If an alternative performer is indeed secured, a new Performance Contract must be completed and signed by them.


2  Performance Content

All performance content must be suitable for all members of an average family. Any inappropriate content will be reported to the Festival. A warning or suspension of performance may be issued at that time. If unsuitable content is continued all members of the performance group may be suspended from future Festivals.

3  Equipment

Performer and equipment must be on site no less than 30 minutes prior to the agreed performance time. Stages, excluding the Lacey stage, will have the following equipment: 1 mixer, 1 stereo amplifier, 1 1/3 band stereo equalizer, 8 microphones – 4 vocal and 4 instrument, 1 CD player, microphone snake, 2 monitor speakers, 2 main speakers, 1 mix for monitors. Scheduling of extra equipment must be coordinated with Kara Nash of Event Alaska no later than June 1, 2020

4  Sound Quality

Performer agrees not to exceed a threshold of 95 dB volume level sustained and 100 dB in peaks, agrees not to engage in any obscene behavior or language, and understands that this is designated a family event and that these actions could be regarded as offensive. Performer understands that DAFCS reserves the right to cease any performance for violation of any part of this agreement.

5  Legal Compliance

Performer warrants that all necessary business licenses have been acquired and that it will be responsible for its own taxes, workers compensation and liability insurance. Performer gives permission to DAFCS to use the Performer’s business information to promote this event. This information includes but is not limited to business name, lyrics and music. Performer agrees to provide its own insurance and will not hold DAFCS or its assignees responsible for any damages, injuries, or loss up, to and including death.

6  Terms of Agreement

This mutual agreement is made between the Performer and the Downtown Association of Fairbanks Community Services (DAFCS). DAFCS shall either pay the performer or advertise the performer in accordance with the details of the compensation option selected by the Performer above.

The Performer(s) is presented as an entertainment entity consisting of the entire group performing and represented by the signer of this contract. All members of the group are bound by the terms of this agreement, and all of whom agree to perform with the best of their abilities unless detained by sickness, accident, act of God, or others legitimate conditions beyond their control. By signing this contract, the Performer agrees and acknowledges that neither DAFCS, nor any of its agents, volunteers, assistants, or employees shall be held responsible or made subject of any claim seeking to assess damages or liability for or arising from personal injury, property damage or loss of any other sort to the performance group or other person on whose behalf this form is now signed as a result of actual or proposed participation in programs or activities outlined within this agreement. Performer hereby agrees to defend, indemnify and hold DAFCS, its officers, agents, volunteers, assistants or employees harmless on account of any such claim, whether caused by negligence or otherwise. Performer currently has, or shall obtain, and agrees to maintain throughout the term of this agreement, valid and sufficient medical, performance, and accident insurance, and agrees that it is their responsibility to provide this coverage. In accordance, the undersigned Performer agrees to provide entertainment on Sunday, June 21 2020 and abide by the above Rules and Regulations.

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