Midnight Sun Festival Vendor Registration

Thank you for your interest in the 2019 Midnight Sun Festival. This is an annual event in downtown Fairbanks. Downtown will be closed to traffic from 1st to 4th Avenue and the area becomes a street fair with food trucks, shopping vendors, crafts and live entertainment. It is a community celebration of the summer solstice. This event consists of over 200 booth spaces. In 2018 those booths showcased 145 unique vendors. Public attendance is around 30,000 people during the 12 hour event. This year's event is on Sunday, June 23, 2019 from Noon-Midnight.

Important notes for 2019

1) From June 10 - June 23, registration will remain open until booths are sold out. After June 10 prices will increase $50 per vendor.

2) If you are vending out of a trailer we must have the exact dimensions of the trailer for planning purposes. If the trailer is bigger than the dimensions specified in this form you may lose your spot during the festival Set-up.

3) You may register as a Booth Sponsor through this form. Your brand will be integrated into the marketing of this festival throughout the month of June. This option comes with a complimentary information booth space. ($110 value) If you are a retail or food vendor that would like to choose this option we can adjust the cost to ensure you have the appropriate booth space and company recognition.

4) Food vendors - all grease and waste water must be carried away from festival grounds. Any grease stains in your area, grease left behind, or violation of waste water disposal will result in fines and jeopardize your future participation.

To register for the event please fill out the application below. At the end of the application you will be directed to click pay with check or payment through Paypal. To pay with a credit/debit card click Paypal and it will then give you two options - log in with Paypal or pay with credit/debit card. Choose the one you would prefer to complete the payment process. 

Contact Information

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Booth Fees

The Midnight Sun Festival is held for 12 hours from noon to midnight on Sunday, June 23.  The basic booth is a 10’ x 10’ space and you provide all booth materials.  Booth fees are calculated based on the 10’ x 10’ booth space below.  Full payment must accompany application: 100% of your booth fee is due to reserve a booth, half of this payment may be refunded if cancellation is before June 10, 2019. Payments can be made by local check (made out to DAFCS and mailed to 542 4th Ave., Suite #204 Fairbanks, AK, 99701, no post-dated checks; $35 NSF charge), Visa, MasterCard or Discover.

Food Booths: $600 for 1st Booth, $300 for each additional booth (Limit 4) 

Retail Booths: $230 for 1st Booth, $115 for each additional booth (Limit 2) 

Campaign Booths: $200 for 1st Booth, $100 for each additional booth (Limit 2) 

Non-Profit Booths: $110 for 1st Booth, $55 for each additional booth (Limit 2) 

Booth Sponsor: $500 -  Benefits of this level include a complimentary 10' x 10' information booth, your banner hung at the Festival (if provided by sponsor), name on event posters hung at over 40 local establishments, name on event kiosks at the Festival, name and sponsorship cited on downtownfairbanks.com and sponsorship cited on Downtown Fairbanks social media sites. This option is best for companies looking to gain brand visibility through this event. 

Corner Booth:$30 for a booth with more than 1 side open for vending. This does not include the G booths around the fountain in Golden Heart Plaza. 

I was a vendor in 2018 *
I would prefer *
This is the 2018 Booth Map. Please use it as a tool to consider which booth location is best for you. If this is your first year vending and this booth map is hard to navigate, we will place you in the best spot we have at the time you register.  
Is your booth space located on a corner? Please click no - there are no other corner spaces available. *
What type of vendor are you? *
Which food booth configuration would you like?
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Are you signing up after June 10, 2019? There is a $50 late fee to participate. *
Thank you for choosing to come on board as a sponsor! You can pay through this form or be invoiced. Please select which you would prefer.
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Do you need electricity? *
Will you be using a generator? *


Will you be operating out of a trailer? *
If you are operating out of a trailer, would you like to set-up on Saturday, June 22nd after 11pm? *
We will contact you to let you know if this is possible the week of the event. 


T-Shirts - 1 per booth, Small - 3XL available. Shirts will be available for pick up when you sign-in the morning of June 24th at the Downtown Association’s booth. 
Would you like to purchase additional t-shirts at a discounted vendor rate of $15? *
How many additional t-shirts would you like to purchase?
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2018 Midnight Sun Festival Contract

1) Full Payment is due when registering, half of the booth space fee is refundable up until June 1, 2019. ​After June 10, 2019 prices will increase.​

Full payment is due when reserving space at the festival. The Downtown Association of Fairbanks Community Services (DAFCS) cannot give refunds after June 1st due to the fact that the Festival must pay expenses and administrative costs in advance. Half of a booth space fee will be refunded if advance notice is given. DAFCS will not be liable for any damage or expense incurred by vendors in the unlikely event the Festival is delayed, interrupted, or not held as scheduled.

​2) No subleases, or transfers of booth space.  

Vendors are not allowed to sub-lease or transfer booth space to another vendor.

3) Provide your own booth needs, in addition to:

  1.  A current Alaska state business license, which must be posted in your booth per the Fairbanks General Code of Ordinance
  2.  Trash cans and bags for customer use: Food vendors must bring two (2) trash cans for customer use to be stationed outside your booth; all other vendors must bring one (1) trash can for customer use to be stationed outside your booth.
  3.  Water, tent, sandbags (or an anchor for the tent), tables and chairs
  4.  Extension cords and heavy-duty duct tape (to secure cords to pavement) if you are using local electricity.

4) Follow the event schedule & guidelines:

Streets close to public traffic the night before the Festival so staff can mark all booth locations; therefore only entrance of trailers is permitted (see time below). In early June, you will be provided with a scheduled move-in time slot based on your booth's designated location to reduce traffic congestion.

  • 11:00pm - Midnight: Trailers may arrive and park in booth location the night before the Festival, but MUST fit within assigned booth space.
  • 7:00am – 11:00am:  Vendors arrive,  unload, and park in assigned location.
  • 10:00am – Noon: Please pick up your complimentary and pre-purchased Festival t-shirts at DAFCS’s booth (see map).  We encourage your booth staff to wear these t-shirts to help brand the event. Unclaimed t-shirts are subject to resale at Noon.
  • 11:00am: Booths must be setup with vehicles removed from streets. Festival will turn vendors away if entering Festival after 11:00am. Vehicles left in the event area will be towed at owner’s expense.
  • Noon – Midnight: Vendors may only sell from Noon to Midnight. There are safety, security and insurance issues involved in this rule. A warning will be issued at the first violation of this rule. Subsequent violations will result in denial of future participation in the Festival.
  • Midnight – 1am: Pack-up booth and trash (see Rule 5). Festival ends at Midnight, but you can start moving out after 11pm provided NO vehicle is brought into the area until midnight. If you are leaving early, inform DAFCS  of the plan prior to the event. Only certain areas of the festival are permitted to leave early.

5) Be responsible for your own area and cleanup.

Thank you for leaving the grounds as you found them. As mentioned in Rule 3b, Food vendors must provide two (2) trash cans for public use; all other vendors must provide a minimum of one (1) trash can.  You are responsible for emptying your trash cans into onsite dumpsters (see map); set bags neatly beside if dumpster is full. Trash left in or nearest your booth area after Festival ends may result in $100 fine due upon applying to participate in future Festivals. Oil  and waste water of any kind must be removed in a sealed container and cannot go in drains, dumpsters, the river or on the ground—violating vendors will pay for all fees incurred by cleaning the area to DAFCS.

6) Submit your Temporary Food Service Permit Application to AK Dept of Environmental Conservation by 4:30pm June ​7​, 2019.

DEC is located at 610 University Ave, Fairbanks AK 99701 (907.451.2123). Food vendors must comply with health and fire regulations. Only prepackaged food may be sold from a Retail Booth.  No home-prepared food may be sold at the Festival. Foods/beverages requiring preparation, portioning, or heating at the Festival require a Food Booth. DEC will inspect booths prior to Noon, June 23rd.

7) Abide by ALL electricity and generator regulations.

Upon payment each Food booth with electricity access is permitted ONE appliance per plug-in per outlet. WARNING! DO NOT EXCEED 1,000 WATTS.

To calculate your usage:  Amps x Volts = Watts. IF YOU ARE CAUGHT VIOLATING THIS RULE, YOU MAY BE FINED $100 AND BE BANNED FROM FUTURE EVENTS. Overloading outlets will cause the power to FAIL. DAFCS cannot guarantee it will be able to be fixed, as all electricity is made possible by in-kind donations from gracious businesses in the downtown area. Bring extra extension cords just in case (esp. if you’re along the parking garage on 2nd Ave).  

MUFFLED GENERATORS ARE ALLOWED only if: the sound level does not exceed 70 dB, manufacturers’ safety regulations are followed, doesn’t cause air pollution problems and is within your 10’ x 10’ booth.

8) Maintain family focus at all times.

DAFCS reserves the right to restrict or remove portions or the entirety of a booth,without refund, deemed unsuitable, unsafe or objectionable.

9) 100% Legal compliance required.

ALL vendors must have a current business license posted in their booths and all relevant certificates/licenses or permits as required by the City of Fairbanks and the State of Alaska. Vendors must also comply with all applicable federal, state and local laws. Vendors are required to carry liability insurance. The use of a gaming permit at this event is strictly prohibited without the prior written permission by DAFCS.              

10) Terms of Agreement

This signed agreement is a contract between the vendor and DAFCS, which is the event promoter. The undersigned has read, understands, and agrees to comply with the terms of the contract. Noncompliance will result in cessation of activity from event. The signer signifies that he/she is the responsible party and that he/she is authorized to 1) execute on behalf of their group and 2) accept legal process on behalf of the group, and will indemnify, defend, and hold harmless the DAFCS, Downtown Association of Fairbanks (DTA), Event Alaska, the City of Fairbanks, the building owners/tenants, parties, successors, assigns, personal representatives, and respective liability insurance carriers, and that they are not responsible for any damage, loss, theft of goods, or personal injury. This obligation shall include responsibility for all damages, costs and attorney fees, and is continuing in nature, extending beyond the event indefinitely. DAFCS is also hereby permitted to use vendor’s business name in the promotion of the Festival.

Please sign here if you agree to the terms of the 2019 Midnight Sun Festival Contract. *

Vendor Feedback


Thank you for signing up to vend at the 2019 Midnight Sun Festival. Please press continue for the event registration check-out process. If you are paying with a check your booth space will not be confirmed until payment is recieved. 
See you on Sunday, June 23rd!
Questions? Contact Kara Nash, text or call (907)687-8444, kara@eventalaska.com
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