St. Louis Library Telecope Program

The information requested below is intended to improve the program and to supply information stipulated in the American Astronomical Society/National Science Foundation grant proposal. The grant supported purchase of the telescope and other educational materials.

We greatly appreciate your cooperation in completing this survey!

The St. Louis Library Telescope Program


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Pre and Post Test Analysis

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Feedback on the program:

Please indicate your appraisals on a scale of 1 to 5:
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1. Telescope checkout was easy to schedule
2. Telescope was available at a time that fit my curriculum
3. Telescope was easy to operate
4. Operating directions were clear and complete
5. Students were interested in using the telescope
6. Use of the telescope fit into the curriculum or extended the curriculum
7. Activities provided were useful
8. The checkout and return processes were quick
9. The length of time for the telescope loan was sufficient
10. I would recommend the Solar Telescope Program to my colleagues

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You can find information related to the August 21, 2017 total solar eclipse at:

You can contact us directly with questions or comments at: or

Thank you for your participation in the Solar Telescope Library Program.