Teledermatology Form for New Patients or Established Patients with New Problems
This Teledermatology Form will enable you to contact me for a specific question.  It is a good way to answer most consultations.  Please be aware that it is not encrypted and is not HIPAA compliant.  This is a free service.  If you are worried about someone hacking this, don't use it.  If you want help with a problem, we are here to serve.  Everything here is confidential.  It is between you and me and it won't be shared it with anyone unless you specifically ask me to do so.
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Clinical Images are important. These are best taken in indirect natural (outdoors if possible) light. They will not be placed on any accessible web site. If you wish specific guidelines for clinical photography, please go to this link: Clinical Photography.  JPG is the best format.  Large files take a long time to download, so please limit size of each photo to ~ 300K.

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If I listen to you long enough, you may be telling me what the diagnosis is!
Thank you.  I hope this is helpful!. If you do not get an email back with a reasonable amount of time, please call my office at 413-458-2800 or email me at DJE.
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