KCLC Music Lesson Scheduling Form

The Music Program at KCLC is dedicated to providing affordable and convenient after school private music instruction that introduces the joy of music theory, practice and proficiency in a variety of instruments.  

If your child would like to participate in more than one lesson type, please complete a separate form.  If you have multiple children to enroll, please complete one form per child.

Please note: Our registration process has changed. This form is only used to indicate your availability for scheduling purposes. In order to register, please visit our registration site at: kidscommunity.campbrainregistration.com

Participant Information

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Please note that drum lessons are only available on Fridays.
Violin and cello lessons are available on Mondays and Wednesdays.
Please check ALL lesson times that work with your schedule.

Household / Adult Primary Contact

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This site is for scheduling information only. In order to complete registration, visit our Campbrain Site. *

I have read the KCLC Music Program Information Sheet and aware of all policies and procedures.
I understand that this class is offered by an outside instructor and that the certificate from the Office of Child Care for operation of a child care center does not apply.  Therefore, the standards from the Rules for Certification of Child Care Centers may not apply.  (Although we are required to have this on our forms, KCLC standard practices for safety and quality apply to all of our program activities and instructors).
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