KCLC Club Registration

Fall 2019

***** CLUBS ARE CURRENTLY FULL. If you have any questions please email Minna or touch base in person. Any exceptions or requests need to be made as soon as possible to ensure scheduling can be accurate and complete. Thank you! *****


Classes begin the week of 9/16 and end the week of 11/4.  All clubs will have 8 sessions. Make-up classes will be scheduled for the week of 11/11.  

Clubs performances and Family Night will be on Thursday 11/21 (please be aware that this date is subject to change, stay tuned for further info).

We cannot issue refunds for missed classes.  If we cancel a class due to teacher absence or school closure day we will schedule a makeup class or credit families for the canceled class.

Please place a checkmark in the column next to your child’s desired club. 

***Pay close attention to the grades and times***  

Please place a check mark next to your child’s desired club. Pay close attention to the grades and times. *


1.  I will pay the total due for the Club on or before the 1st day of class.

2.  I will contact KCLC if my child is absent from a KCLC Club.

3.  I will notify KCLC of any change in my contact information.

4.  I have read the KCLC Parent Handbook and am fully aware of all KCLC policies and procedures.

5.  I understand that some of these classes are offered by an outside instructor and that the certificate from the Office of Child Care for operation of a child care center does not apply.  Therefore, the standards from the Rules for Certification of Child Care Centers may not apply. (Although we are required to have this on our forms, KCLC standard practices for safety and quality apply to all of our program activities and instructors).

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