Task Subscription Agreement 

Thank you for your interest in CxORE's OnDemand Business Support. Now... let's get started It won't take too long, and you can always save your progress and finish later. 


This section outlines what you (a “Client” or “you”) need to know about your subscription in CxORE® (“CxORE”, “we”, or “us”). The terms and conditions and details about your subscription are provided in the Terms of Service, which can be viewed here

Set Up Fee: There is no setup fee. 

Subscription Fees: The base subscription fee is $450.00 per month for a task block, payable on the same day of every month. A task block is equivalent to 20 individual tasks. Additional tasks blocks can be added for an additional $350.00 per month.

Commitment: There is no minimum commitment, your subscription is month-to-month. You can terminate at any time upon notice effective at the end your current subscription period.  

If you have questions or are experiencing issues, you may contact us at
1-866-G0-CxORE or Email or Live Chat
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