Charters Towers Regional Council

Charters Towers Bulk Rubbish Collection

To assist residents preparing for storm season, removing potential mosquito breeding sites and to provide householders the opportunity to dispose of unwanted bulk rubbish, Council will provide a FREE bulk rubbish removal service in Charters Towers.
To take advantage of this service, residents MUST REGISTER prior to Monday, 21 October 2019.
More information about bulk rubbish collection can be found by downloading the following document.
Download information on what is/is not acceptable
For regional towns, please refer to Council's website -

Resident Details

Connection Request

  1. Residents MUST place items on the footpath before 7:00am on the nominated day. 
  2. Items are required to be of a size and weight easily removed by two persons working in conjunction. 
  3. Items not qualifying will not be collected and residents will need to make other arrangements in that regard.
I have read, acknowledge and agree to the above conditions. *

Bulk Rubbish Collection 2019