Stall Sites – General

  1. Submission of this application (including acceptance of the terms and conditions) and acceptance by Council does not constitute an approval to participate, unless otherwise advised by Council in writing.
  2. The activity is permitted for the Charters Towers Rush Festival Markets on Friday, 11 October 2024 to Sunday, 13 October 2024.  Any dates outside of this event will require a new permit.
  3. A site map depicting your approved location will be emailed to the email address supplied prior to the event date.
  4. Your site must be set-up in the allocated position nominated on the site map by 5:45pm on the Friday, 11 October 2024. All infrastructure and equipment are to be kept within the boundaries of your site.  No spillage onto adjoining sites is permitted.
  5. All stallholders must behave in a professional manner.
  6. People under the age of 18 years are not permitted to operate a stall unless accompanied by a supervising adult or person over the age of 18 years.
  7. Stall holders must be neatly attired and due to safety regulations closed in shoes must be worn at all times.
  8. The approved stall holder must protect the safety of persons who may be involved in, or affected by, the activities authorised.
  9. It is not permitted to display ‘trade logos’ (eg. Holden, Coca Cola, etc.) without prior approval from the Event Coordinator.
  10. The event organisers retain the right to enter the site of any stallholder at any time and remove any article, sign, picture, or printed matter which in the event organiser’s opinion is either not eligible for display or considered offensive.
  11. Public Liability Insurance – The approved stall holder must ensure that the insurance policy submitted to Council with the application is maintained for the entire duration of the activity.
  12. The approved stall holder must indemnify and hold harmless the Charters Towers Regional Council, its servants and agents (the indemnified) against any claims, for any personal injury, damage or otherwise howsoever occurring in connection with your participation.
  13. The approved stall holder must acknowledge that they have secured the necessary permits relative to their stall. (e.g. food handlers have a licence etc.)
  14. It is the approved stall holder's responsibility to ensure that they or their staff members have a Blue Card (Working with Children) if necessary.
  15. A refund is only available if Council terminates or cancels the event.
  16. Charters Towers Regional Council reserves the right to advertise or promote the Stallholder in connection with the Rush Festival and the Goldrush Concert, and the Stallholder consents to Charters Towers Regional Council taking and using photographs or digital images which may contain images of the Stallholders’ produce or image.


  1. The approved stall holder must ensure that the undertaking of the activity does not create a safety risk.
  2. The approved stall holder must ensure that sufficient room is maintained for pedestrian traffic at all times.
  3. Permitted infrastructure is restricted to marquees, tables and chairs. Other infrastructure may be approved by the Event Coordinator.
  4. Tables must be of a nature that legs do not protrude outside of the table top permitted so as not to constitute a potential trip hazard.
  5. Tent/Marquee ropes and supports, electrical leads or other potential trip hazards of whatsoever nature shall be positioned or clearly defined in such a manner as to avoid a hazard.
  6. Tent/Marquee must be secured with weights and pegs.
  7. The approved stall holder must ensure that all equipment used is erected and secured safely and in accordance with manufacturer’s specifications.
  8. The approved stall holder must keep and maintain all facilities and equipment used in good working order and condition and in a clean and sanitary condition.
  9. Stallholders are responsible for the security of their designated site and the security and safety of any property of Council in or around their designated site.
  10. The approved stall holder must promptly rectify any damage or loss of amenity to a local government controlled area or road caused by the undertaking of the approval/stall holder’s activity.  This includes but is not limited to, any damage to items such as furniture, equipment, fittings, irrigation, pipes, fauna, flora, lawns and grassed areas.
  11. The approved stall holder is responsible for the removal of all waste generated from their activity.
  12. No power is available.
  13. ALL electrical leads and equipment must be tested and tagged by a qualified electrician.
  14. In any instance where an electrician is required to tag any lead or equipment that has not been tagged or has an expired tag, stall holders will be required to pay for such.
  15. All equipment and leads must be made available for inspection.
  16. No double adapters are to be used (power boards are accepted).
  17. Electrical cords and power boards must be kept where they cannot come into contact with liquids and must not pose as a fire or electric shock risk at any level.
  18. Appliances are not to be near flammable materials or vapours.


  1. Vehicle access for loading and unloading of goods is available only between 2pm and 5pm on Friday, 11 October 2024 unless a variation is approved by the Event Coordinator.
  2. No vehicles are allowed to remain in the Market Precinct after unloading/loading vehicles.  The entire Market Precinct is closed to vehicular traffic from 5:15pm on Friday.
  3. All vehicles are to be parked outside the Market Precinct in an allocated parking area
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Organisation/Business Information

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Required Dates

Friday:      Twilight Markets; 6pm - 9pm on Friday, 11 October 2024
Saturday: Goldrush Concert; 2pm - 10pm on Saturday, 12 October 2024
Successful applicants must be available both Friday and Saturday. Preference will be given to applicants who are able to participate for the entire event. *Please note the completion of this application does not guarantee a position. *

Stall Information

Stall Information

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Insurance Information

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Insurance Information

I/We wish to utilise Council's Public & Products Liability Insurance (Policy: ATA 033790 PPL) *
I/We acknowledge that Council has in place a Public and Products Liability Insurance Cover with a $500 Policy Deductible (Excess) and Limit of Indemnity of $10,000,000 for uninsured Stall Holders, Buskers & Entertainers. *

I/We further acknowledge that I have read the following regarding Council’s Public Liability Insurance Cover which details the following exclusions:

All commercial businesses must have own cover as we cannot provide cover to businesses.

 Goods imported by you;
 Jumping castles, inflatable slides, trampolines, amusement rides; Live animals;
 Child minding activities;
 Photo booths
 Toys
 Tobacco, E-cigarettes, electronic vaping devices, electronic nicotine delivery systems or similar smoking apparatus;
 Sale of alcohol;
 Amusement rides/devices - mechanical, powered or animal;
 Bicycles, Skateboards, in-line skates, roller skates, scooters and associated protective equipment;
 Inflatable pools, life jackets, floating devices and other floating aids;
 Protective or safety equipment and/or clothing, eyewear and life preservation products;
 Second hand electrical items & tools;
 Automotive parts/accessories of any nature (including motorcycles);
 Sporting goods/equipment;
 Swords, Spears, Bows, Crossbows, Firearms, ammunition or weapons of any kind;
 Knives, not including chef/kitchen knives or garden pruning equipment;
 Fireworks, pyrotechnics or explosives;
 Sale of flammable, dangerous and/or hazardous chemicals, petrochemicals,
 pool chemicals and flammable liquids with a flash point below 23℃.
 Sale of animals;
 Sale of animal feed, pet food or pet food supplements. Not including pet treats for domestic animals;
 Vaporisers and humidifiers;
 Treatment risks including massage, acupuncture, chiropractic treatment and natural therapies;
 Nutraceuticals or cosmetics;
 Any medical device or alternative therapy medical device including any massage device;
 Detergents and/or soaps (including natural) manufactured by Insured;
 Candles of any description and including the burning or heating by flame of oils/essences but excluding incense sticks;
 Vitamins, minerals, herbals and other health supplements (other than food);
 Children's toys;
 Children's cubby houses;
 Children's swings, slides, playground equipment or climbing equipment;
 Baby/Infant clothing/children's clothing.

This Policy does not cover claims arising from the use by buskers of knives, swords (including theatrical knives and swords) or any activity involving the use of fire. *
I/We understand and acknowledge that Council is not representing the insurer and/or myself/ ourselves in respect of this insurance, and is not in a position to grant or confirm cover in my particular instance other than to confirm that the Public and Products Liability Insurance policy is current.

I/We understand, in the event of an incident occurring that could possibly result in a claim under this policy,
I/We must advise Council as soon as possible thereafter so that guidance can be provided as to the appropriate action to take to ensure the Insurer is advised in accordance with the Policy Conditions.

I/We also understand that it will be my/our responsibility to pay the $500 Policy Deductible (Excess).

I/We also understand and acknowledge, if for some reason I may not be indemnified under this insurance, I/We would be personally liable for any claims arising from the activity. *

Insurance Information

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Declaration Information

I apply for a market stall at the Twilight Markets (Rush Festival) and declare: * 🛈
Please note invoices will be sent to all confirmed site holders for payment prior to the Rush Festival. *
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