This form is to be used when seeking approval to build over or adjacent to local government sewer infrastructure.
Building Type *
I have read Council's Technical Guidelines - Building Over/Adjacent to Local Government Sewerage Infrastructure (this document can be download using the link below). *

Site Plan

Fees and Charges

Payment must be made when the application form is submitted - forms will not be processed until payment is received.  There will be no refund of the Assessment Fee once the application has been receipted.
Building Over Sewer Assessment $139.00
Additional costs that may be applicable include:
.  CCTV - camera survey of sewer main prior to, and after, completion of works
.  Maintenance contribution towards sewer infrastructure
.  Establishment of sewer easement
.  Engineering drawings approved by a Registered Professional Engineer Queensland
The applicant will be advised of additional fees following completion of the assessment.
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