Application for Gate or Grid Permit

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Gate or Grid Details

Verification of Engineered Plans

Is grid to be installed a pre-fabricated grid? *

Public Liability Insurance Declaration

Applicants must possess a public risk policy of insurance for an amount of at least $10,000,000 (10 million dollars) showing the Department of Natural Resources and Mines and the Charters Towers Regional Council as an interested party.

Verification of Advertisement


I hereby certify that by corretly entering the details in the CAPTCHA box below, that the details contained within this application are true and correct and that I shall adhere to the terms and conditions at the bottom of the Application.


Terms and Conditions

(a) this permit shall continue in force until cancelled by the Local Authority or relinquished by the landholder;
(b) the Local Authority may cancel this permit at any time after giving 3 months written notice to the permit holder;
(c) the permit holder shall maintain the stock grid, ancillary structures and road in good and safe conditions (including the drestruction of noxious weeds) for a distance of 5 metres on either side of the grid, so that public traffic may not be impeded or obstructed;
(d) the permit holder shall maintain Public Liability Insurance cover over the licenced stock grid for the duration of its existence;
(e) at the termination of the permit the landholder shall remove the grid and all appurtenances and reinstate the roadway to the satisfaction of Council;
(f) the landholder shall make written representation to Council of intent to replace or remove the grid structure in order to ensure the replacement process is adhered to;
(g) the landholder shall adhere to all conditions set out in Council's Gate and Grid Policy.