Application to carry out works on a road or interfere with a road or its operation

Applicant/Owners Details

Public Liability Insurance Details


Description of Activity



I apply for an approval under Subordinate Local Law No. 1.15 (Carrying out Works on Roads or Interfering with a Road or its Operation) 2011 and declare:

1.  The particulars provided above are correct in every detail; and

2.  I have read the Subordinate Local Law and understand the requirements and obligations associated with same.

Standard Conditions
  1. All work is to be completed to the satisfaction of the Roads Infrastructure representatives & subject to the local laws of the Charters Towers Regional Council, Workplace Health & Safety Legislation (Qld), the Environmental Protection Act and other applicable laws.
  2. Before proceeding with any work the applicant must give notices to, and obtain relevant approvals, permits & consents for utility providers (Telstra or Ergon), Police & Main Roads for roads under their control and comply with their requirements.
  3. The applicant is to indemnify Council against any public injury & or property claims arising from the works.
  4. The applicant agrees to pay all costs & charges incurred in the reinstatement to Council standards, any damage caused to the road, street furniture, constructed kerbing & water channelling, stormwater system and or constructed footpath or public services as a result of the activities associated with the work stated, whether by their own operation or those of their sub-contractor, agents, manufacturers, cartage contractors or other deliver or removing from the site.
  5. The applicant is to publicise in the local paper prior to proposed footpath/road work.Include any closure considerations; and
  6. Date and times of such closure.
  7. Specific location of the proposed work;
  8. Notify and liaise with adjoining residents / business owners of the proposed work.
  9. Establish a Work Safety Plan / Work Method Statement for the High Risk Activity (i.e. Work on or near a road) necessary under WHS legislation (Qld) and ensure activities at the workplace are safe and without risk to members of the public.
Work is not to commence until such time as the Charters Towers Regional Council gives approval.
When working on roads or conducting road works the following issues must be considered:
Apply to the Queensland Police Service and or Main Roads for permits & consent.
  1. Erect official road works signage.
  2. Delineate the road/parking area closure and or works as recommended In Main Roads “Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices 2003”.
  3. Only utilise accredited / licensed traffic controllers for traffic duties.
Note: When closing the road entirely you must notifying the Queensland Ambulance and Queensland Fire & Rescue Services.
Work Safety Plan or Work Method Statement

WHS legislation (Qld) requires work method statements to be prepared for high-risk construction activities such as working on, or adjacent to a road prior to commencing such activities. In addition the following samples of high-risk construction activities may also be encountered and should be included in the work method statement.

  • Using a hazardous substance.
  • Working at heights of 2m or more
  • Structural alterations that require temporary support to prevent collapse.
  • Moving powered mobile plant at the workplace.

For further information or a full list of High-risk Construction Activities refer WHSQ at:

Tel. 1300 369 915