Emergency Resupply - Flood Event

The Charters Towers Local Disaster Management Group is seeking information from rural properties north of the Flinders Highway regarding their current ability to manage the extended wet weather event.


If you are a property in this region, we would appreciate you providing us with details of your current situation.
We are planning the resupply of essential goods to isolated residents with essential goods due to the isolation currently experienced.

In accordance with State Disaster Guidelines, residents are required to pay for resupply items. The Charters Towers Regional Council will facilitate payment of items and invoice residents on receipt of the essential goods.


Should you have any questions regarding this resupply, please contact Council on 07 4761 5300.

What food, essentials items and/or medication do you require? Please list and advise quantities of each item
Note, medication MUST be organised through the local pharmacy.
Please note, the following items are NOT supplied:
  • LPG, industrial gases, fuels, oils, explosives
  • machinery
  • fresh milk*
  • frozen/chilled goods*
  • soft drinks
  • ice cream
  • non-essential/luxury items
  • alcohol and cigarettes
* items that require chilling, such as fresh milk, will be supplied if suitable transport can be arranged  

Thank you for providing us with this information.

If you have an emergency, phone 000.

To contact the Charters Towers Regional Council Local Disaster Management Group, please phone 4761 5300.