F0259 - Application for Export Booking at Dalrymple Saleyards

I hereby request approval for the use of the H.M.Clarke Saleyards (Dalrymple Saleyards) as detailed below.

Applicant/Agent Details

Booking Details


Specific Requirements

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Special Instructions

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I apply for an approval for the use of the H.M.Clarke Saleyards and declare that:

  1. The particulars provided above are correct in every detail.
  2. I have informed the vendor of the exisitng bookings outlined above.
  3. I understand that the Saleyards is a public facility and this booking does not allow me exclusive use of the facility. Council cannot grant exclusive use of the Saleyards.
  4. Due to demand for saleyard space and services, it is essential that number of lines are accurate and husbandry and other services required are specific for yard allocation/reservation and allowance of sufficent delivery and processing time to meet exporting countries protocols.