Charters Towers Regional Council Application to Hire

Application to Hire HM Clarke Saleyards

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I hereby request approval for the use of the HM Clarke Saleyards (Dalrymple Saleyards) as detailed below.

Sale/Event Details


Additional Requirements

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Applicant/Agent Details

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The following conditions apply to your application to hire:

  1. The particulars provided above are correct in every detail.
  2. I am aware that sale pens may not be available for yarding of stock a day either side of the Special Sale date (including the sale day itself) or holding of stock given that same will be required for the existing sales booked.
  3. If Saleyards Staff are required to work out-of-hours for any reason for the purpose of this Special Sale/Event, that callout fees and overtime rates will apply.
  4. I acknowledge that the Booking Fee will be issued to the Agent booking the sale (or applicant in the event of the sue not being for a Special Sale) unless notified otherwise.
  5. I am aware that Council currently has an agreement with the Blackheath & Thornburgh College Parents & Friends Association to provide catering services to all events held at the Saleyards and a similar agreement exists with the Charters Towers Lions Club (Host) Inc, in relation to bar facilities.
  6. I understand that the Saleyards is a public facility and this booking does not allow me exclusive use of the facility. Council cannot grant exclusive use of the Saleyards.
  7. Due to demand for saleyard space and services, it is essential that number of lines are accurate and husbandry and other services required are specific for yard allocation/reservation and allowance of sufficent delivery and processing time to meet exporting countries protocols.
In submitting this application, I acknowledge that I have read and agree to the above conditions. *