This form is a waitlist for students wishing to be placed in a single room. Please be aware that there is a very small number of these rooms available for students throughout our buildings. Also, note that there is a cost difference for a single room if granted.
The cost of a single private room for the 20/21 academic year will be $3999.00 per semester and a single room with a shared bathroom $3950.00.
If you are selected to be placed on a single room, you will be moved from your current assignment. An email to your CSU P email will be sent notifying you of the change. 
If you have an questions feel free to contact our office at 719.549.2602. 
Type of room requested? (you can select both if you would like to be considered for both) *
We have availability for single rooms in every building. Select the building(s) you prefer. *
I have read and understand the implications of living in a single room and would like to be considered for the 2020-2021 academic school year. *
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