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We have display gardens in at our Indianapolis shop that you can tour any time at your own pace. You can see several ponds and pond-free waterfalls, native landscaping, natural stone walkways, and more! Get a sneak peek online.

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Ponds are our specialty -- but you could've guessed that! We build rubber-lined natural-looking ponds with waterfall fiters and skimmers. Ponds we build range in size from 800 gallons to 10,000 gallons. 
Pond-free waterfalls are beautiful and low-maintenance. And they can fit into just about any space -- no matter how small or large. Pond-free waterfalls are so named because they have no standing body of water but just a waterfall. 
When we say "remodel," what we really mean is a complete tear out and rebuild. Every existing part of your feature will be removed and new components will be installed. 
For more info about remodels, check out our website.

Need help planning your budget? Check out our budget planner for a sample set of our weater feature prices.

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