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By filling out this form, you are agreeing to contract Cool Ponds to clean your water feature. 
This form not only tells us about your water feature but also walks you through our cleaning process. 
If you have any questions about our cleaning service, please contact us via email or phone 317-786-3670. Thank you for choosing Cool Ponds!

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Water Feature Information

Requested Services

All services are priced at $120 per man hour plus the cost of materials. We charge a minimum of $200 for our services.
See below for more details about our pricing.
Please choose your services below:
More information willl pop up below once the service is selected.
For Water Feature Cleanings
During your water feature cleaning, we will do the following:
--Completely drain the water feature
--Remove fish and place them in a holding tank (we provide the holding tank) during the cleaning
--Remove most of the debris from the bottom of the water feature
--Remove most of the algae form the water feature. Your rocks will likely continue to have a green coating
--Rinse filters and biomedia
--Clean pump
--Trim back aquatic plants if requested
--Remove excess fish if requested and if you are present
--Refill pond enough to reintroduce fish. Unless you request otherwise, you will be responsible for filling water feature the rest of the way
--Apply appropriate water treatments for total pond volume
--Reintroduce fish
You do not need to be present during the cleaning. However, we will only add enough water back into the pond to reintroduce fish and add water treatments. You must finish refilling your pond. Please use the date section below to ensure that you will be available to continue filling your pond.
Division and Removal of Excess Aquatic Plants
While we recommend every water feature have the right types of aquatic plants, they do need trimmed back from time to time.
Water lilies are the most common culprit of overgrowth. We highly recommend water lilies be planted in a fabric plant bag instead of allowed to grow on the pond bottom unpotted. If your pond has an overgrowth of lilies, please note that your cleaning may be quite extensive. Attach a photo to this request form (see the Water Feature Information above) so that we might advise you beforehand. 
Please specify to our cleaning tech which plants you would like trimmed or removed and the extent to which you would like us to trim or remove.
Excess Fish Removal
If your pond is overpopulated with fish, you may want us to thin your stock for you. 
We ask that you please be present for this so that you can advise our cleaning tech which fish you would like to keep or would like us to take. 
Installation of Underwater Lights
Per your request, we will insall underwater lights in the pond and on the waterfall. We will install our own lighting materials, including lighting transformer. 
If you would like a lighting quote before we install the lights, we will be happy to oblige.

Service Date

Once you submit this form, we will contact you to let you know what date your service has been scheduled. All service is scheduled on a first come first serve basis. Spring cleanings are performed March through mid-May, Tuesday through Friday.

Important Notes

Please read each section below and initial where indicated.

We charge $120 per man hour. We will send only one tech to your cleaning unless we've deemed it necessary to send two based on the size of your water feature or condition of your water feature. Our service labor minimum is $200.
During your cleaning, we will use water treatments for the removal of excess algae, treatment of cholorine, and beneficial bacterias and enzymes to help jumpstart your ecosystem. We will use exclusively water treatments we provide. The cost for these treatments is $50 - $175 depending on the size of your water feature.
Our time begins when we leave the previous location and ends when we leave your property. 
Because every water feature is different, it is impossible for us to give you an estimate of the total cost of cleaning before we begin. 
If your water feature has excessive muck, debris, or water lilies that need to be removed, there may be additional chages for refuse removal. We will alert you to this possibility if it arises. 
If you are filling out this request after April 15 your cleaning will have an additional $30 per man hour surcharge. To avoid this surcharge in the future, we highly recommend you sign up for a spring cleaning as early as January.

Additional Distance Fees
We will perform maintenance services within 75 miles of our business location: 901 E Hanna Ave, Indianapolis IN 46227.
Please note that locations further than 25 miles (driving distance) from our business location will incur additional fees. 
25 - 50 miles $60 additional fee
50 - 75 miles $120 additional fee
We cannot perform services over 75 miles from our business location.

 Water Treatments
We use natural products that are safe for both aquatic and domestic animals. To ensure the safety of your water feature, the life living in and around it, and the environment, we will use only our products taht we bring to your home. Please do not ask us to use products you already have as it is against our policy.

Cleaning Procedures
During the cleaning, we will completely drain your water feature in order to remove most of the sludge accumulation at the bottom. We will drain this water into your yard or garden bed. The water from your feature is great fertilizer for your plants. We cannot legally dump water into storm drains or neighboring property. 
We use a high-pressure nozzle on a garden hose. We use our own garden hose, but we will need access to your hose spigot. We never use a pressure washer, as this strips important biological life from your pond.
At the completion of your cleaning, we will only fill your water feature enough to reintroduce fish. You are responsible for filling the feature the rest of the way. For pond-free waterfalls, we will only fill your water feature if requested below.
Would you like Cool Ponds to stay to fill your water feature? Please keep in mind that you will be paying $120 per man hour for us to fill your water feature. We highly recommend that you fill your feature yourself. *

Pond Appearance
Our goal in your pond cleaning is to remove the algae and debris that can cause maintenance problems throughout the year. 
Please do not expect the structure of your water feature to look any different than it did before we started. We will not move or adjust any rocks or features in the pond. 
We want to educate you on keeping your water feature looking great throughout the year. The water treatments we leave for you are meant for you to use on a weekly basis throughout the year. We recommend strongly that you do so. 
Foaming and cloudiness directly after cleaning is common. Your water will clear within 24 - 48 hours. 
We guarantee your water feature will be clean at the time of our service. It is your responsibility to maintain it after we leave. An annual cleaning is not a substitute for regular, preventative maintenance. We encourage you to speak with the tech cleaning your feature or anyone on our staff if you need guidance on proper routine maintenance.

General Provisions
Cool Ponds will always use the utmost care when providing any type of maintenance or service to your water feature. We aim to keep you as a cusotmer for life, and your satisifactation is paramount. 
During your service, we will only provide the work indicated above. Any prior conditions of your water feature are excluded in the service we provide. 
During the cleaning, we will likely step into your feature. Unless we installed your water feature, we have no control over what type of liner was used. We will not be held liable for any punctures, tears, or other injuries to your pond liner. If you have industry standard, 45 mil EPDM liner and the proper protective underlayment, the likelihood of any damage to the liner is extremely low. 
Any issues with the service we provided must be reported within 2 business days of the service. Otherwise a service fee will be charged for the correction of the situation.
Cool Ponds does not provide any electrical service, repair, or maintenance. Because we cannot control pond conditions prior to our arrival, any loss of aquatic life, damage to equipment, pump functionality, or other unforeseen issues are not the responsibility of Cool Ponds. Because we hope to maintain your business for the long run, we will take every precuation available to avoid these siutations. 

Authorization and Payment Information

There is a minimum labor charge of $200 for all services listed here. You will also be charged for the water treatments we use on your water feature. A $200 non-refundable deposit is due with this form and must be made by credit card. 
This deposit will be deducted from your final invoice.
You will be emailed a final invoice a few days after your service. You will have 10 days from receipt of your invoice to provide an alternate form of payment, otherwise we will charge the credit card you have provided here on the 10th day.
Upon service completion, a final invoice will be emailed to you. Please contact us if you do not receive it.
I authorize the work as described on this document to be completed by Cool Ponds. I have read and understand the information listed above and agree to the terms as listed. I also understand that my credit card as listed on this form will be charged a $200 deposit when this completed request form is received by Cool Ponds and that the balance of my invoice will be charged to that card 10 days after receiving my final invoice unless other payment arrangements are made. Unless otherwise notified by Cool Ponds, this agreement will be valid for all future maintenance services as well. (In other words, you only have to fill this form out once and it will cover all future cleanings also.)
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