Competency Test

1. It is permissible to work privately for a client doing things that are outside of what you typically do for them as a Comfort Keeper. *
2. I am promised the same amount of hours each week. *
3. Once you have committed to a specific assignment, you are expected to work the shift. *
4. It is appropriate to accept money or gifts of any denomination from the client. *
5. It is permissible to allow the client to drive you in their car if you believe that the client is a safe driver. *
6. A caregiver is not allowed to make cell phone calls while working with a client, but it is alright to text. *
8.To involve and engage a client you should talk to them while you are dusting and cleaning. You can also comment on pictures, collectibles or memorabilia. *
9. Helping a client get up and get dressed or going out for a meal and a movie does not impact the client's well-being. *
10. When making a client's bed, you should not ask the client how they like their bed made nor if they like the blankets tucked in or left out. *
11. Comfort Keepers will prepare hot, delicious, and nutritious meals however it is not important to allow the client to participate at the level of his or her ability. *
12. Ineffective or lack of hand washing can be a factor in the transmission of germs. *
13. Soiled linens cannot transmit infections. *
14. When using antiseptic hand cleaners, you do not have to continue rubbing your hands together until hands are dry. *
15. You can use antiseptic hand cleaners instead of washing your hands with soap and water if you haven't been exposed to blood or other potentially infectious materials. *
16. You should secure all documentation and client records in the trunk of your locked car. *
17. The client has the right to voice grievances regarding treatment or care that is ( or fails to be) provided. *
18. Clients have the right to receive written notice of their rights before agreeing to work with Comfort Keepers. *
19. It is ok to tell your neighbor that the mother of another neighbor was recently admitted to being a client of Company Keepers. *
20. If you knowingly violate HIPAA policies and procedures in your agency, you could be subject to disciplinary action, including termination *
21. A Comfort Keeper can administer over the counter, non-prescription medications. *
22. Filling med packs or daily dose containers is not considered dispensing medication and can be done by Comfort Keepers. *
23. It is alright to smoke in the client's home as long as the client smokes. *
24. Gloves should be worn when: *
25. The mission of Comfort Keepers includes of the following: *
26. It is the policy of Comfort Keepers that we don't give out personal cell phone numbers to clients. Why is it important for you not to give your number to a client? *
27. The following topics should never be discussed with a client: *
28. If you get hurt while working, you need to: *
29. If you are on a case that requires continuous care, what should you do if the next scheduled Comfort Keepers doesn't show up? *
30. When you are doing laundry for a client, it is important to discuss: *
31. Which of the following questions should you ask the client before grocery shopping? *
32. Which type of transmission can occur when you perform client care activities in which your hands come in contact with the client's skin? *
33. Which type of transmission involves coming in contact with objects that an infected person has touched? *
34. When should you wash your hands? *
35. How long should it take to wash your hands? *
36. Which of the following is an example of protected health information (PHI) about a client? *
37. Mrs. Smith notices that her windows are very dirty. She asks you to clean them. You: *
38. A Comfort Keeper may: *
39. Personal Care services permitted include all of the following, except: *
40. The following services may not be provided by a Comfort Keeper: *
41. Which of the following services are approved Personal Care Services: *
42. Which of the following activities describe Interactive Caregiving? *
43. Mrs. Jones has been sad since her husband passed away three months ago. Her daughter has Comfort Keepers providing homemaking services. Describe how you would engage Mrs. Jones using interactive caregiving. *
44. It is 7AM. You are scheduled to work a shift starting at 9AM and the person who cares for your child calls to say she is sick and can't care for your child today. You should: *
45. Comfort Keepers sexual harassments policy prohibits: *
46. Good hygiene is the best method to prevent the spread of infection. All of the following are important factors of infection control, except: *
47. Early detection of infection is as important for the caregiver as it is for the client. All of the following are signs and symptoms of infection, except: *
48. Body mechanics consists of a set of rules to help maintain correct body posture during movement. Proper use of body mechanics allows for: *
49. When bathing a client which one of the following guidlines is not considered important? *
50. When feeding someone who cannot feed him/herself, it is important to remember all of the following steps, except: *
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