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*Please note: Artists are to provide all equipment, supplies, booth materials, and selling activity must be confined to your allocated space. You may drive in and set up but you may not leave your vehicle(s) in the park.  There is parking across the highway at the Elementary School.  Please do not park in the front of the Cloudcroft Chamber of Commerce.  That is employee and visitor parking.  You can email any permits, proof of insurance or other booth related materials to:
10x10 Artist Booth Spaces

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Booth Preferences:
The committee will make every effort to honor booth requests but applicant understands booth requests are honored as show configuration is set by the committee in a manner that is accommodating to all applicants.  Past participation in shows will definitely receive acknowledgement for booth requests.
Booth Rules and Regulations:
1. No vehicle in the park from 9am to 5pm. 
2. New Vendor space location will be on a "first come, first serve" basis.  Getapplications in early.
3. Long term vendors have preferred spots and only when they cannot attend will those spaces be available.
Do Not ask to move your booth if you are a last minute/deadline applicant.
You must bring all items needed for your booth set up to include weather changes.
Set up must be completed day BEFORE opening event.
Applicant is responsible for cleanup of thier booth and booth area and provides trash resepticles.
Take down is at the END of the event.  Do not take down your booth early or attempt to leave early without a real emergency.
Booth payment MUST be in no later than the event deadline posted on the event web page.
Any cancellations after deadline will only be returned 1/2 booth fee.

In consideration of all the work done by the concessionaire and or Vendor, he/she hereby indemnifies and holds harmless the Chamber of Commerce, Village of Cloudcroft, its Board members, their officers, agents, and their employees from any personal injury, costs, and expenses, occurring to anyone in, or about the area of said booth or concession. That the concessionaireand or Vendor is acting as an independent contractor not under the continuing supervision and control of The Chamber of Commerce or the Village of Cloudcroft. And agrees that The Chamber of Commerce or the Village of Cloudcroft shall not, under any circumstances, be liable under or by any reason of the Agreement, directly or indirectly, for any accident, injury, breakage or damage to property or persons whatsoever growing out of any activities relating to the Cloudcroft Mardi Gras activities. Concessionaire and or Vendor agrees to abide by all Federal, State, County, and Municipal laws, ordinances, regulations, guidelines and rules. Concessionaire agrees to be responsible for all employees, agents and contractors of concessionaire and or Vendor. Any concessionaire, Vendor or employee, agent or contractor of said business who violates any such law, ordinance, regulation, guideline or rule in connection with the operation of the concession and or booth, shall forfeit the concession and be disqualified from participating in the Cloudcroft Chamber of Commerce event in the future. In this event, concessionaire or Vendor shall cease all business activities and vacate the premises immediately forfeiting all fees.
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