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Thank you for supporting CCA Athletics!
Your sponsorship enriches the experience of our student Athletes.
Your banner sponsorship includes a 6-foot custom banner that will be displayed for one, two or three years to promote your business to the community. 
Discounts apply for multiple year sponsorships. 

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Completing the order form and paying for the order must be done all at once.  After completing this form, to pay, click on the Continue button on the bottom of the order screen.  You will automatically be directed to Stripe to pay by credit card.  You will know that you have successfully paid for your order when you receive two separate emails: one from with the subject Payment Confirmation - PALs Graduation Lei Order 2019 and a second one from Stripe (your credit card receipt).   If you are following this process and you are still not receiving the two confirmation emails, then you may want to try using a different credit card and/or try using a laptop and not your phone.