Volunteer Corps and One-Year AmeriCorps Application

We appreciate your interest in serving with Christian Appalachian Project. If you are volunteering for three weeks to a year, you’re in the right place!  If you are interested in applying to serve at CAP's Summer Camps or for a shorter length of time, please head over to the Volunteer Application page.

Our application and admissions process is thorough by design! This application is the first step in that process, which may also include a personal statement, references, and an interview. Full-time service is a major commitment, and we hope each step is beneficial to you in your discernment process.

We're so excited that you've taken this first step. Let's get started!

Application completion time will vary, but you should be able to complete within one sitting. If you would like to save your application and submit later, simply use the "save progress" button on any page. Please be prepared to provide education/employment history or attach a resume. 
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