Consign or Sell us Your Used Piano or V-Drum Set

Please note that if you live more than about 60 miles outside of Austin, TX, inspecting, evaluating, and moving a piano start to become unrealistic and cost prohibitive.  If you live out of our area, please do not fill out this form because we will not reply to it.
Select the type of instrument you are selling below. If you do not see a choice that matches your instrument, we will not be interested in pursuing. If you are looking to trade up, we will ALWAYS consider trade-ins.
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Are the any defects, malfunctions, mechanical issues, water damage, broken keys, etc.
To move your piano out of your home, are there any obstacles that make it challenging to roll the piano out on a dolly. Obstacles might include stairs, steps, steep driveways, gaps in sidewalk, uneven surface (grass, dirt, rocks, pebbles, etc) to roll the piano out to the street, etc. (a door threshold, or 1 or 2 steps in a row is not a challenge). Tip: walk the path from your piano to the street and imagine pushing a wheel barrow loaded with 300 pounds of rock, what challenges might there be along the way? (acoustic pianos weigh an average of 600 pounds and are typically moved by 2 or 3 guys)
Commonly asked question:
Are all pianos valuable?
Sadly, no. Apart from a few very rare exceptions, most older pianos we encounter have met or exceeded their intended lifespan and can be extremely difficult to give away much less sell.  Click HERE for learn why.
Upload at least two images of your piano or v-drum set: