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Childbirth educators, birth and postpartum doulas, and breastfeeding counselors offer physical and emotional support and information during the journey of pregnancy, birth, and parenting. They do not carry out any clinical tasks such as internal exams, blood pressure checks, fetal heart tone checks, etc.; these tasks are the responsibility of the pregnant person and/or care provider. They do not speak in place of you to your care provider or take over the role of the birth partner, if applicable. They do not make medical recommendations or provide medical advice. Blossoming Bellies classes provide a safe space for the discussion and support of the normalcy of birth and parenting and provide research based information, evidence, and options to support this. Blossoming Bellies supports the choices of the parent and partner, if applicable. Class facilitator, Brittany McCollum's role in providing physical, emotional, and informational support precludes her from clinical liability for any client’s pregnancy, birth, and/or postpartum experiences, as she is not a medical professional but is a certified childbirth educator, certified birth doula, and certified breastfeeding counselor. By signing below, you and all class participants attending with you or in your place agree to the above statements. *