PS6 Boys/Girls Saturday Morning Ultimate League

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Saturday Morning 4th and 5th Grade Ultimate League at PS6 *
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It is the responsibility of the Parent/Guardian to inform BAYSI, in writing, if someone is not legally permitted to pick up your child(ren) from the program.  Prior notification must be given to BAYSI if someone other than the above listed will be picking the child(ren) up after the program.  Notification consists of a phone call to BAYSI, giving a description of the authorized person and a note from the parent/guardian.

Family Information: CC information will be necessary when proceeding to the next pg. BA does not store CC information from prior use or accept cc information over the phone.

I, the undersigned, being the Parent/Guardian certify that the applicant on this form is in good health and that he/she has my permission to participate in this program. I fully understand that each participant will engage in activities that involve the risk of serious injury, which might result from their own actions, the negligence of other participants, the rules of play, the condition of the premises, or any equipment used. It is further understood that I shall not be entitled to any refunds or deductions for any absences or illnesses during the season. Furthermore, I certify that I release the Big Apple Sports, its directors and staff from liability for medical, dental, or instructions while at the Big Apple Youth Sports. I also grant consent and permission for any emergency treatment deemed necessary for my child. I further permit such emergency treatment at the nearest available clinic, whether city or private. It is understood that only the applicant listed above will take part in Big Apple Youth Sports. Big Apple Youth Sports reserves the right to cancel the league should it not recieve enough applications. If in need of a refund, refunds must be requested by Monday January 8th.  refunds will deduct a $65 processing fee. Classes/Leagues are not transferable between friends or family members. BA is not responsible for third party or viewer behavior. Anyone causing a disturbance will be asked to leave. Big Apple has the right to use photos and video taken within the program to promote future Big Apple Events.
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