Big Apple Youth Sports League Application

SPRING 2018 BASKETBALL LEAGUE The Basketball League : Saturday Mornings at the Robert Kennedy School. The Pee Wee Div games at either 8:45 or 9:45 AM. The Minor Div games at either 10:45 or 11:45 AM. Dates: Preseason- 3/3, 3/10. Season- 3/17/18- 5/19/18. Sat Mornings and Early afternoon.
SPRING BA SPORTS INSIDER SPORTS LEAGUE: Grades 4-6 Players will be broken into teams and compete in a league for BA designed Sports! Sports include Speedball, Dodgeball, Soccer, and Kio Fast Break! Games will be played on Friday nights at either 6:45PM or 7:45PM at PS6. Dates: Preseason: FEB 2ND and FEB 9TH. Season: 3/2/18- 4/20/18.
BA Basketball Instructional Practice Sessions: Two BA Instructor will run mid week Basketball practices for Grades 1-6 on Tues and Thurs nights from 5 to 6 PM in the PS6 Gym (81 st bet Mad and Park. These practices will lead directly into our Fall Basketball Season and will prepare our young athletes for the upcoming season. Tuesday Sessions: From 5 to 6 PM, 1/23, 1/30, 2/6, 2/13 Thursday Sessions: From 5 to 6PM. 1/25, 2/1, 2/8, 2/15, 3/1
I, the undersigned, being the Parent/Guardian certify that the applicant on this form is in good health and that he/she has my permission to participate in this program. I fully understand that each participant will engage in activities that involve the risk of serious injury which might result from their own actions, the negligence of other participants, the rules of play, the condition of the premises, or any equipment used. It is further understood that I shall not be entitled to any refunds or deductions for any absences or illnesses during the term. Furthermore, I certify that I release the Big Apple Youth Sports , its directors and staff from liability for medical, dental expenses while at the Big Apple. I also grant consent and permission for any emergency treatment deemed necessary for my child.  It is understood that only the applicant listed above will take part in Big Apple classes. Classes are not transferable between friends or family members. Big Apple has the right to use photos and video taken within the program to promote future Big Apple Leagues, programs or events. I further permit such emergency treatment at the nearest available clinic, whether city or private. It is understood that no refunds will be given as of MARCH 3, 2018 FOR LEAGUES AND NO REFUNDS GIVEN FOR PRACTICE SESSIONS.
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