God Lover:

1. I read the Bible: *
2. I reflect on the content and principles of Scripture: *
3. My understanding of the Bible is: *
4. I set aside time for prayer (meals, bedtime etc.): *
5. I set aside time for focused prayer (other than meals etc): *
6. I praise and thank God: *
7. I gather with other believers to worship God and listen to His Word preached: *
8. I have a relationship with God and know Him: *
9. When I hear stories of moments when the Holy Spirit has given someone power or direction to obey God's will, I think: *
10. I have anxiety-stress in my life: *

Relationship Builder:

1. I am involved in some kind of small group at Bethel: *
2. I spend time and energy developing relationships within Bethel: *
3. I have relationships with other believers who are more mature than me and challenge me to grow spiritually: *
4. I'm invested in helping a believer less mature than me to grow spiritually: *
5. I use my time and resources to serve other believers: *
6. I know my spiritual gift(s) and use them to build up God's people: *
7. I seek reconciliation when appropriate through forgiveness: *
8. When it comes to correction and rebuke: *
9. My general attitude toward other believers is: *
10. I am committed to functioning as part of Bethel Church: *

Obedient Follower:

1. I submit to the authorities in my life: *
2. I give financially to the Lord's work: *
3. I use the Bible to set the course of my life and make decisions: *
4. In my day-to-day life, I have given Jesus: *
5. I feel loved and accepted by God: *
6. The purpose of my life is: *
7. Repentance is: *
8. The following best describes the things I say: *
9. When I try to do the right thing and am met with difficulty: *
10. When it comes to purity in heart, mind, body, and speech: *

World Influencer:

1. The good news of salvation through Jesus Christ is: *
2. In my daily conversations: *
3. When it comes to sharing what the Bible says about how to become a Christian: *
4. When I know someone who doesn't know Jesus: *
5. Which best describes your relationships with non-believers? *
6. Our good works are intended to point others to God's goodness. When it comes to my life: *
7. When it comes to cross cultural and world missions: *
8. I pray for the salvation of specific people: *
9. When it comes to helping people become believers: *
10. When it comes to the poor, the powerless, and the oppressed: *
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