MSA Sponsored FAMACHA Training Course, Lunch, and Beginning Shepherd Workshop

10 AM to 12 PM FAMACHA Training Sally Mangra, Certified FAMACHA Instructor - An invaluable tool to help the producer select for parasite resistant breeding stock and keep growing lambs healthy and vigorous. You will receive a packet with color chart, and deworming information. Learn which dewormers are most effective to fight barber pole worm, tape worms, and coccidiosis. $25 Fee for FAMACHA Training only.
12 PM to 1 PM Lamb Lunch MSA Members free, all others $10 
1 PM to 2 PM  Blood Drawing/Anal Sampling, Amy Whicker, IFAS - Blood Drawing: Most producers, during their animal husbandry years, will come upon an opportunity to draw blood for testing for OPP tests, IV injections, blood draws for vitamin or mineral deficiency analysis, to name a few. You can learn to draw blood and save money and time. 
Anal Sampling: Each year, Florida is required to have a certain number of sheep heads or, in Florida's case, anal samples, sent to the lab for Scrapie testing. This is a federal requirement under the Scrapie Eradication Program. States that do not meet their quota will not be able to trasport animals over state lines. Amy will show us how easy and painless the anal sampling is, so that if possible, producers can help meet these requirements. 
2 PM to 4 PM Beginning Shepherd  Experienced producers will share their knowledge. We will have basic training with hoof trimming, giving shots, nutrition, breeding, lambing, round table discussion, Q&A. A great time to network and meet fellow shepherds. We will be flexible, and go where the discussion takes us.
FAMACHA Training
Lunch MSA Members No Charge, All Others $10