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2018 Summer Resident Camp Options
Camp runs for a period of 9 weeks. Sunday June 24th to Sunday August 26th
Check your arrival and departure dates below.
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2018 Tuition Deposit
A tuition deposit must accompany this form if you enrollment is 4 weeks and over.
If your enrollment is less than 4 weeks, full tuition is due.
Payment plans are available at regular tuition price(no discount but flexible payments)
The remaining tuition due must be received by:
April 18th, 2018
 *For enrollments 4 weeks and over only*
Amount of Deposit: *
1st Session begins June 24th and ends (please choose one)
2nd Session begins July 1st and ends (please choose one)
3rd Session begins July 8th and ends (please choose one)
4 Session begins July 15th and ends (please choose one) 
5th Session begins July 22nd and ends (please choose one) 
6th Session begins July 29th and ends (please choose one 
7th Session begins August 5th and ends (please choose one) 
8 Session begins August 12th and ends (please choose one) 
9 Session begins August 20th and ends (please choose one) 
2018 Activity Program Fees
Activity Fees cover most admissions to programs and are included in tution.
Excluded from Tuition (these activities are extra):
Whitewater Rafting Excursion, The Bobsled Experience, Adirondack Extreme Zip Line
and Obstacle Course, Hungry Trout Fly Fishing, Lake Placid Flight Tours and more.
Included in Tuition:
Extreme Tubing by ADK Aquatics, extra horseback riding lessons, visits to adirondack museums, 46'r hiking trips, horseback trail rides by ADK Equine Center, Wilderness Paintball, Boots & Birdies Golf and more.
All programs have professional staff certified separately from ADK WildHorse Camp. 
Preferred Dsicipline
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Payment Form
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Early Bird Discounts are featured on this page: Main Page
Friends & Sisters discount is featured on this page: Friends & Sisters
Cancellation & Refund Policy: 
Cancellations, Refunds, Terms & Conditions:
  • Cancellation notice must be submitted in writing and mailed to the camp's mailing address.
  • Refund will be issued in the same manner as payment was made.
  • If issued, 80% of tuition paid will be refunded if written notice is received no later than nine weeks prior to start of camp. Start of camp is June 24th (individual enrollments only).
  • Cancellations received after April 1st, forfeit full tuition unless there is a valid health related reason for cancellation. All health related cancellations require a physician's written notice.
  • Enrollment cancellations after April 1st will not receive a refund. Some cancellations may qualify for the following year's Camp Credit. Please inquire with Stacy at
  • Cancellation due to severe illness or accident prior to camp session start date require a physician's written notice. After cancellation is reviewed, 80% of tuition paid will be refunded.
  • Cancellations due to personal reasons will not receive a refund.
  • Cancellations due to withdrawal, dismissal, transportation issues, changes to vacation plans and any other reasons will not receive a refund.
  • Campers or Trainees who leave during a session will not receive a refund.
  • Once a camper arrives at camp no refunds will be made for any reason
  • We reserve the right to dismiss any camper that is not compatible with the camp programs. The camper and the parent will forfeit any and all tuition.
  • We cannot offer discounts on late starts and early departures.
  • Omission of any pertinent information can be grounds for dismissal.
  • The camp cannot accommodate certain dietary restrictions.
  • If camper refuses to participate in off-camp activities, activity fees are nonrefundable
  • Tuition quotes do not include miscellanous charges unless noted otherwise (personal spending)
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