ADK Riding Staff Application

Whiteface Camp is not accepting applications at this time. Thank you.

Summer Availability
Riding staff must be available for pre-camp training, camp’s full summer session dates, & 2 days postcamp Pre-camp training - 5 days prior to camp's opening day
*refer to for dates.

On the scale below rate your skills and give us an explanation of why:

(1=expert, 2=very proficient, 3=average, 4=below, 5=no experience)

Describe your views on, and personal use of, the following:

1. I certify that all the information I have provided in this application is true, accurate and complete.
2. I understand that Camp WildHorse requires me to abide with all policies, procedures and practices of Camp WildHorse.
3. If I am accepted at Camp WildHorse I realize that I am responsible for my own health & travel insurance.
4. I am also responsible for all of my travel expenses and other costs (visa, flight expenses, etc.). Any untrue, misleading or omitted information herein may result in dismissal, regardless of the time of discovery by thecamp.
5. All statements become part of any future confidential employee files. I am aware and give permission for a background check, including a criminal records check, a sex offender database check, a social networking search and driving record search.
6. During the summer & throughout the year, the camp takes photographs, slides and video footage of camp activities for use in promoting the camp. I give my permission for the camp to use any photographs, slides or video footage of me in its promotional materials.
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