For valuable consideration received, I, the client, hereby grant to Amanda J. Alvares and any assisting
photographer(s) the absolute and irrevocable right and unrestricted permission to use, re-use, display,
distribute, transmit, publish, re-publish, copy, etc. any images taken of me and/or of my children during
the photography session with them. All images can be used either in whole or in part; digitally, in print,
or in any other medium now or hereafter known; for any purpose whatsoever and without restriction;
altered without restriction; and to copyright the same. I understand and agree that the Photographers
may or may not use my name in conjunction with the photographs as he or she so chooses. I hereby
release and discharge Photographer, and his or her agents, representatives, and assignees from any and
all claims and demands arising out of or in connection with the use of the photographs, including
without limitation any and all claims for invasion of privacy, right of publicity, and defamation.
Image Theft: Client agrees to not "screen shot" or "print screen" images from the proofing gallery. If
client did not pay for the digital copies of said images, this is image theft. If client chooses to do this
the *possible* repercussions are as follows: Client will NOT get his/her images from the session and
WILL NOT get a refund at all, photographer can choose refuse to work with the client in the future,
photographer can seek legal representation to get financial reimbursement for financial loss from the

Uncontrolled Factors: The photographer(s) is also not responsible for any time/images lost due
uncooperative children, animal(s), or person(s). Client also understands that there are no promised
amount of images from the session due to the above factors and/or other uncontrollable factors.

Injury/Damages: I agree that the photographer is not responsible for any physical injuries, property
damages, or lost items during the session or when in-route to shooting location. I hereby release and
discharge all present Photographers, and his or her agents, representatives, and assignees from any and
all claims and demands arising out of or in connection with any injuries, death, or losses that may

Client/Parent/Guardian Initials: *
I and any CHILDREN/WARDS and ANY PETS/ANIMALS IN MY CARE brought to the photo
session are done so VOLUNTARILY AND FREELY. I agree that I CHOOSE TO ASSUME ALL
RISKS AND DANGERS, including the risk of injury or death that may be associated with, or result
from, participation in activities during the session.
Client/Parent/Guardian Initials: *
When using a smash cake or food during the session, the photographer and/or food maker is also not
responsible for any physical injuries or allergic reactions to the food item. Please be aware of your
child's allergies and your own, and dislcose those to the photographer. Your own safety is your
responsibility. Please avoid introducing new foods during your session.

I understand that it is my duty to disclose any and all allergies during this photo sessions
Client/Parent/Guardian Initials: *
I waive any liabilities that AMANDA J. ALVARES PHOTOGRAPHY, and any of its photographers and employees, may have to me or my child as a result of any injury to myself, my family, or my child because of my, my family members, or my child’s participation in regard to this CLIENT SERVICE CONTRACT & IMAGE RELEASE.
Client/Parent/Guardian Initials: *
I agree, for myself and any children/wards and pets/animals in my care, and my heirs, to indemnify and hold harmless AMANDA J. ALVARES PHOTOGRAPHY from any loss, claims, action, causes of action, or proceedings of any kind which may be initiated by me or by any other person, entity or organization, including demands, judgments, costs, loss of services, expenses, or reimbursement of counsel fees incurred by participant or by the Releasees contemplated by this agreement.
Client/Parent/Guardian Initials: *
Equipment Failure: In the event that there is an equipment failure which results in total loss of images
from a portrait session photographer will offer a re-shoot at no charge. Client will have the opportunity
to accept the offer and re-schedule at no penalty to them or decline the offer and get a refund.

Image Selection: Client understands that ALL unpurchased / unselected images will be deleted after
proof favorites have been submitted to the photographer. If client plans on purchasing additional
images later, he/she MUST notify the photographer WHEN the favorites are shared with the
photographer otherwise there will be no option to retreive the images at a later date.

Final Image Delivery: Photographer will deliver final images within 2-4 weeks (weekends NOT
counted) unless another time is agreed to by photographer as long as no unforseen, uncontrollable
delays occur. The photographer has a family and children so illness can occur and effect the workflow,
please be understanding if delays occur. Please also see the below statement concerning favorite
selections and how they can effect this turn around time.

Client will have 1 week to get favorites selection back to the photographer otherwise client will lose
his/her position within the work flow and the turn around time of 2-4 week no longer applies. If client
takes longer then 2 weeks to make their choices, their images will have to be moved to digital storage
and if any images become corrupt or lost during that process, photographer is not responsible for any
kind of reimbursement of said damaged images.

Photo Editing: Photographer provides only basic editing for all sessions except for designated fantasy
or memorial sessions. Basic editing covers minimal acne removal, eye brightening, and exposure
correction. Additional charges MAY incur if clients requests thinning, tanning, teeth whitening, or any
other cosmetic corrections that are not covered within basic editing (mentioned above ^) on MULTIPLE photos. Fantasy editing is additional, if the client is wanting this type of editing he/she must notify the photographer
BEFORE the session and be prepared to pay additional fees.

Image Back-up: If client purchases a package that does NOT come with a CD or USB, the client is
responsible for backing up the final images from his/her session. Photographer strongly recommends
at least one hard copy (a CD) of the images because anything electronic can fail (such as a USB,
external hard drive, computer, etc). If client loses their images, photographer may not be able to supply
them again and if the photographer can - there is an archive retrieval fee.
If client purchased a package WITH a CD and USB , he/she has 1 week after receipt to confirm that
BOTH the CD and USB are in working order AND compatible with his/her computer system. If there
are any issues, client is responsible to report issues to the photographer immediately so it can be
resolved. If client fails to report any issues within a week of receiving the CD & USB the photographer
may not be able to resupply the images and a refund or reimbursement will NOT be supplied.

Printing Digital Images: I understand that the photographer only guarantees the quality on prints from
actual print labs (, whcc, etc). Prints from Wal-mart, Target, Costco, private parties, etc are
not guaranteed and the photographer is not responsible for bad prints produced by those locations. If
you chose to print through a store at your own risk, be sure to turn off auto correct/enhance which is
always automatically applied by the store’s software.

Re-scheduling: Each client is allowed one re-scheduled regular session date before losing the deposit
and the opportunity to work with the photographer. Mini session spots can NOT be re-scheduled since
it is a limited session event.

Delayed Arrival: Photographer will only wait twenty minutes after session start time for client IF client
has notified her of the delay. Photographer maintains the right to leave at any time after the twenty
minutes has passed and then the session will have to be re-scheduled.

Right For Service: Photographer maintains the right to refuse to work with any person(s) at her
discretion. Know that all deposits are non-refundable. If client is chronically late, a bad attitude,
communicates poorly or steals or manipulates photographer's images - those are quick grounds of
forfeiting the client's right to work with Amanda J Alvares Photography.

I represent that I am over the age of eighteen (18) years and that I have read the foregoing and fully
understand its contents. This release shall be binding upon me, my heirs, legal representatives, and
Client/Parent/Guardian Initials: *
This agreement is being made and entered into under the laws of the State of California and shall be
governed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of said state. This agreement embodies the entire
agreement of the parties (client and photographer). No modification of this agreement shall be of any
effect unless it is made in writing and signed by all of the parties to the agreement.
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