Conversion Request
We charge $295 to convert each Enterprise file to a Premier or Pro file.  100% of the data is guaranteed to transfer.  There is a two business day or less turnaround time. The process works as follows.

1.   You send us a copy of the Enterprise file. (don't enter any more transactions in the Enterprise file after you send a copy to us). To reduce transmission time, send a QuickBooks Portable Company File (QBM extension), a QuickBooks backup (QBB extension) or a zip file. We don't need the files which have an extension of lgb, nd or tlg.
2.   We convert the data and send you a request for payment.
3.   After receipt of your payment, we upload the Pro/Premier file to a file transfer site and you will receive an e-mail with a link where you can download the new file.
4.   PRIVACY POLICY: We don't show your files to anyone who's not involved in the conversion. We shred all printed reports. We delete your files from our computers after the conversion has been completed.
5.   The file needs to be in QBM format.  To create the QBM format in QuickBooks go FILES>CREATE A COPY>PORTABLE COMPANY FILE and save it to you desktop.

6.   To send your file to us, double click on the link shown below and a new tab or browser window will open with our HighTail dropbox.  Use this page to submit the file from your desktop in QBM format.
After submitting the file return to this web page and continue filling out the remainder of the form and submit at the bottom.
Q2Q Conversion Dropbox