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2021 Registration for 3-in-1 Overall Revision Workshops

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1. Outstanding payment must be made within 1 day after sign-up.

2. Seat is only confirmed upon receipt of full payment.

3. No cancellation or refund of fees is allowed after payment is made.

4. Sessions will start and end as scheduled. Punctual arrival for each lesson is to be strictly adhered to.

5. Students should participate 100% in all classroom teachings and activities.

6. Winners Education Centre Pte Ltd reserves the right to reject any student's registration of the programme when they did not meet the stated terms and conditions herein.

7. Attendance for the entire programme is compulsory. There will not be any refunds or replacement sessions for absentees.

8. All materials, knowledge and information from our centre are protected by the Copyrights Amendment Act. Any Person / Party found to reproduce, copy, disseminate, use or caused to be used, of any of our materials, knowledge and information shall be liable for compensation to Group should any of such infringement occur. Winners Education Centre Pte Ltd reserves the right to take all necessary legal actions against the Person / Party.

9. While Winners Education Centre Pte Ltd will exercise due professional care and diligence, we will not be held liable for all claims, liabilities and expense of any kind arising from injuries or damages sustained to persons or property in, on or around the venue premises, nor be held responsible for the child's welfare before commencement or after the end of sessions.

10. Winners Education Centre Pte Ltd reserves the right to use the student's image, written work, academic results and voice in newspaper, brochures, videos or other promotional materials.

Terms & Conditions *
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