The following is included with your Winter Garden Featured Business Membership:
- Weekly advertising post in three Community Facebook Groups (70K total members)*
We are Winter Garden Group
Winter Garden Community
Windermere & Surrounding Communities

- Monthly Distribution of a social video to We are Winter Garden platforms (you provide the content)

- Featured Listing on the Winter Garden App and We are Winter Garden Website
- Enhanced Winter Garden App Directory
- One Sponsored Advertisement on We are Winter Garden Facebook Page
- Member Support

*All posts orginate from your company
Upgrade to the Gold Package
- Receive all the benefits of a Featured Business Member + We Are Winter Garden will post weekly on your behalf in the Community Groups **

**Client is responsible for providing We Are Winter Garden social media content and copy.
Upgrade to the Platinum Package (Best Value)
- Receive all the benefits of the Gold Featured Business Member + receive a quarterly photo shoot (one hr per shoot) ***
- Receive one FREE social media video and distribution on We are Winter Garden Platforms ($750 value) 
*** Additional time can be purchased 
Additional Advertising and Marketing Options: Please select from all the options to receive a quote: 🛈