Figure Skating CoE Student Questionnaire

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Which statement best describes your current relationship with Shattuck-St. Mary’s School? *

Essay Portion

2-B. List 3 goals for this season *
 Word or Phrase
1. Competition
2. Testing
3. Personal
5. Listed below are some examples of typical figure skating scenario. For each one, write a word or phrase that describes your first reaction: *
 Word or Phrase
A. Self-Motivated
b. Physically Fit
c. Good Sportsmanship
d. Preparedness
e. Which bests describes yourself: Competitive, Honest, Win, Courteous, Fragile, Mature
f. Why?
g. Fearful / Fearless
h. Soar loser / Gracious winner
i. Communicate well with coaches/teachers
j. Goal oriented
k. Constructive criticism
L. Team Player
M. Self Motivated