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Note: additional vendor passes cost $200. Limit is one additional pass per 10x10 vendor; two additional passses per 10x20 vendor. Must be used for working staff only.
Total Amps Requested (5 amps included with booth space; extra power available, cost TBD)  Be specific about electrical needs.  *

Vendor Requirements

Vendor Payment and Certification: We will notify you via email if your application is approved. For approved vendors: your booth payment will be due in full by June 1, 2022. Please note that your booth space is not confirmed until both your payment and COI have been received.
Insurance Requirements: All approved vendors must provide a Certificate of Insurance by June 1, 2022, with limits of no less than $1 Million General Aggregate, $1 Million Each Occurence, $1 Million Products & Completed Operations, $50,000 Damage to Rented Premises, $50,000 Fire, Medical, and Auto Insurance. Information regarding additional insureds will be provided at the time of acceptance.
Fire Extinguishers: All vendors must have a 2A10BC fire extinguisher in plain view at all times, with a current annual inspection certificate. 
Canopies: All tents/canopies must be secured with adequate weights or sandbags if necessary. Staking into the ground is not allowed. Vendors must provide fire proofing certification. 
Parking: No vehicles are permitted in the vending area outside of designated restock times. The vendor parking area is located in the general parking lot. This will be strictly enforced.
I have read the insurance requirements provided above, and I understand that if I am accepted to vend at Summer Meltdown I must provide payment and a certificate of insurance by June 1, 2022 in order to confirm my booth. *

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