Sozo models the generosity we hope to inspire in others. We are actively engaged
in serving the communities where we live and work, helping to strengthen
communities to improve lives. With our partners we are feeding the poor,
freeing slaves and giving hope to the lost.
Would you like to give Sozo gifts to thank customers from your company or make a bulk order? 
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In order to view our gift shop, please certify that you are over the age of 21 and and are legally allowed to purchase alcohol. *

Single Bottle Gifts
shipping and handling additional $14.82 

Gift Box Combinations
shipping and handling additional $14.82 
Drinkware Combinations
shipping and handling additional $14.82 

Non-Alcoholic Gift Box Combinations
shipping and handling additional $14.82 

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To ensure delivery please use a business or place of employment so UPS can easily get a signature during business hours.

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 Thank you for choosing Sozo, the gift that gives twice!