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The Adam Reynolds Memorial Bursary Application Form

Deadline: Monday 1 October 2018 (12 Noon)  

1. Eligibility

Shape uses the Social Model of Disability. The Social Model frames disability as a social construct. Disability is created by physical, organisational and attitudinal barriers, not by an individual's impairment or medical condition. We work to change and eliminate these barriers.
Please tick this box if you agree with all of the following statements: *
  • I consider myself to be a disabled person
  • I am currently engaged in a contemporary arts practice
  • I have produced and exhibited a body of art / design work
  • I will not be in full-time undergraduate or post-graduate education during the bursary period
  • I am based in the UK.

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2. Personal Details

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3. Statement

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Your statement can also be submitted in audio or filmed format if this is more accessible for you.
If submitting an audio or film please ensure this is no more than 15 mins in length.

4. Supporting Document

Submit a CV and up to 4 works (image, audio, video: .MOV File ) to be viewed by the selection panel and detail below.

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