Student Evaluation of Instruction

Please choose the response that best represents your opinion. Results are anonymous unless you give your name in the comment box. Results are tabulated and reviewed by instructional administrative staff. Once the academic year is complete, results are shared with faculty. Contact with any questions.

A. Student Responsibilities * 🛈
 Strongly AgreeAgreeNot ApplicableDisagreeStrongly Disagree
A1. I participated in class activities
A2. I came to class prepared
A3. I attended class regularly and completed assignments on time

B. Expectations and Communication * 🛈
 Strongly AgreeAgreeNot ApplicableDisagreeStrongly Disagree
B1. The instructor's expectations were clear
B2. The instructor expected me to meet deadlines
B3. The instructor promotes class participation
B4. The instructor treats every student equally
B5. The instructor has a positive attitude toward students and the college
B6. The instructor encourages questions during class
B7. The instructor knows the subject matter and relates it to the real world
B8. The instructor encourages regular attendance and good workplace skills

C. Course Effectiveness * 🛈
 Strongly AgreeAgreeNot ApplicableDisagreeStrongly Disagree
C1. I was challenged to think, analyze, and evaluate ideas
C2. The course required the use of technology to research and produce assignments
C3. The standards for evaluating my performance were clear to me
C4. I would recommend this course to others
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