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Room Reservation Fee $50, Additional Rooms $25 each *
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Meeting room usage fee is $50/day. Additional rooms are $25/day. Salina Tech accepts most forms of payments including credit cards, cash and business checks. All room rentals must be finalized and paid in full 10 business days before the scheduled event date.     

Salina Area Technical College welcomes the public use of its meeting facilities. All applicants must read and agree to the terms listed below.

  1. All applicable fire and building codes must be followed. Room Capacity shall not exceed over 50 people for the Large Conference room and no more than 25 persons in the Small Conference Room. Additional rooms will be set up as classroom style.
  2. All meetings must have an applicant present (at least 18 years or older) who is responsible for the participants attending.
  3. No activities are allowed which create noise or which disturbs the normal affairs of in-session classes.
  4. The use of open flames or candles in the meeting room is prohibited.
  5. Each organization must clean up the meeting room and return it to the condition in which it was found. A charge will be assessed for any special cleaning or repairs made necessary by a group.
  6. Salina Tech will not care for or store any organization’s materials and will not take responsibility for materials left by an organization.
Food and Beverages:
Alcoholic beverages and smoking are prohibited in all meeting rooms. Food and drink is permitted. The arrangements for food delivery are solely the responsibility of the applicant. In addition, it is the applicant’s responsibility to handle clean-up of the room.
A $100 charge will be assessed if room is left in an unsanitary condition. All trash, garbage and recyclables must be placed in the appropriate containers. 
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