Middle School Small Group Sessions

Welcome to Bay to Bay Small Group registration!
Bay to Bay Small Groups are designed for middle school age athletes (12-14 years old) looking for additional technical training in a variety of different skill sets. Each Bay to Bay Small Group coach brings a specific skill/position focus which will provide a comprehensive learning environment to supplement team based training. Space is extremely limited, and will be reserved on a first come first serve basis.
Show Small Group FAQ's?
Question: My son does not play club for Bay to Bay, can he still participate?
Answer: Absolutely, our small groups are open to all players between 12-14 years old regardless of club affiliation.
Question: How many players are in each small group?
Answer: No more than 12 athletes are accepted into a small group.
Question: Do I have to sign up for all of the sessions?
Answer: No, we understand that every family has different schedules and commitment levels. Therefore, we offer customizable packages where you only register for the dates you can/want to attend.
Question: Which coaches are running the small groups?
- Pin Hitters Group: Led by Mason Tufuga
- Setters Group: Led by Gregg Gallegos
- Liberos/Serve & Pass Group: Led by Arin Dadiw

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