Rose Bowl Classic 2024

Congratulations on your decision to enter the 2024 Rose Bowl Classic.  We look forward to hosting you.  Below is the online entry form.   Our 39th Rose Bowl Classic will take place at King Pins - 3550 SE 92nd (cross street> Powell Blvd). 
Important: We are again giving you the option of bowling our regular Rose Bowl Classic consisting of six games OR our Rose Bowl XTRA which is a nine game format. 
You might want to consider the 9 Game Format this year.  Thanks to Bridges to Roses Tournament donation, we are padding our 9 game Rose Bowl XTRA with added payouts.
We are also featuring our SCRATCH MASTERS COMPETITION, on Sunday morning.
If you are not interested in the Scratch Master Competition, you might be interested in our Optional Scratch event based on your scratch scores coming from your regular events.
Awards will be presented at KingPins at Noon on Sunday, following the Scratch Masters Event
KingPins Scratch Masters

Sunday morning at 9am.

Breakdown of Divisions:

Division A: 190 and Above
Division B: 176-189
Division C: 156-175
Division D: 155 and Below

** Please NOTE:  Scratch Masters determination scores are taken from Doubles & Team, since not all bowlers bowl the entire 9 game Rose Bowl Xtra format.

For more information on Scratch Masters, please refer to our website at:
** With the SIX game format, you bowl Doubles and Team, and your Singles is an All Events Combination of those six games. 
**With the Nine Game Format, your entire team does not have to bowl the Nine Game format, with the extra Singles event.  Individual bowlers can bowl the Singles Event without the whole team having to choose this option.  With this format, you must bowl your Doubles on Friday night, Singles on Saturday morning, and Team on Saturday afternoon
* PAYMENT: In completing this form, it will provide you with a total due.  Once you submit your bowler information, you can proceed to pay with PayPal which is NOW directly linked to our form.  Or you can simply print out the completed form, and pay by check.  
* REDUCED FEE: There is a NEW smaller 3.5% PayPal Service fee associated with using PayPal.   Or you can also simply save and submit your info, exit the registration, and mail in your payment by May 1st.  Late Fees will apply for postmarks after May 1st. Should you go directly to PayPal without going through our online form, please remember to calculate and include a 3.5%.  PLEASE NOTE: On PayPal, please reference the team you entered online so we can match your payment to your team.  If you mail a payment, it must be in cashier check or money order form.  
* After May 1st...the base entry fee rises to $105.00 with a $10.00 late fee.
* Please complete all the information below for a successful registration experience.  Thank you.
If you have any questions or problems...please contact us at
Preferred Shift: A Shift: Friday Night Doubles at 7:00 PM or B Shift: Saturday Morning Doubles at 10:00 AM

** NINE GAME FORMAT bowlers MUST bowl their Doubles on Friday night, in order to bowl their Singles on Saturday morning, and team on Saturday afternoon at 1:00 pm. *