Pinellas County Utilities
Private Sewer Lateral Video Inspection
Sewer Lateral Video Requirements:
  • Image is clear.
  • Property address or visual reference of property is shown.
  • Date and time of video are displayed.
  • Running foot or time marker is displayed.
  • Brief stops at each joint to show integrity.
  • Drain end and sewer lateral start are identified.
Acknowledgement and Confirmation the above Sewer Lateral Video Requirements have been met. *

Inspection Submission Requirements:
  • Attach a sketched plan with this application depicting the sewer main, street, building, lateral location, and trees located within 20 feet of the PSL.
  • Upload the video to
  • If roots obstruct camera travel, provide videos of both before and after roots are cut and removed.
  • If there is a sag or "belly" identified, the pipe must be dewatered so the structural condition of the entire pipe can be assessed.
Acknowledgement and confirmation the above Inspection Submission Requirements have been met. *

Lateral is defective per the County Code Section 126-700 definition. *

Rebate Disqualification Acknowledgement *
Confirmation *