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Inactivation of Disciplinary Action

For the following employee:

You have successfully corrected the problem
that caused us to issue the following discipline(s): *

This form was completed by:


We appreciate the efforts you have made to improve your performance. Please recognize that the problem will have some impact on your performance review for the affected rating period. We are obligated to accurately report your performance for the entire period.

The disciplinary action is being removed from your active personnel file and will be placed in the inactive file. If you have no further disciplinary problems, it will remain inactive. If your future behavior leads to any discipline, whether of a similar or different nature, inactive disciplinary items can be considered in determining our next course of action. It is to your benefit to follow all the County rules and department policies and conduct yourself responsibly.

This form will be submitted to Human Resources to update the employee’s personnel file. The supervisor should print two copies: one for the employee and one for the department files. For questions, please call (727) 464-3367, option 2, or email